Launched June 2021

For me, athleisure wear is something I pretty much live in. I’m active I love to do a range of classes at the gym, from spin to Pilates and have also recently taken up meditation. Let’s be honest even if you’re not working out active wear is the comfiest thing to wear and feel good in!


Lola is also very active, and between the two of us felt this was the perfect design to create next. My designs also evolve as Lola goes through her stages of growing up. Lola was 5 when I started the brand, she loved pretty dresses, and playing around with different garments, then evolving her love of comfy tracksuits, t-shirts and leggings and most recently the fitness leggings and sports tops. Who can relate to this with their children? Lola very rarely now wears dresses and will turn 9 next month. As children develop a fashion, they begin to get a feeling for what they like to wearand what they’re not so keen on – and they start to take a closer interest in different clothing styles, voicing their opinion as they grow up. Lola knows what she likes and what she doesn’t!


When I began to design this range I knew what was important to me as a mother who has birthed two children, to have high waisted leggings. Tucking everything in and making you feel good about yourself. Pockets are also essential; phone, keys and card! With the clever paneling design, a high waist, and smooth fabric, they give you the ultimate coverage and support that you need. Not to mention the sports top that is fully reversible allowing for versatility along with the matching leggings. Boasting UV Protection, perfect for those summer workouts and protecting your little ones.


Crafted in soft Italian sustainable fabric; The yarn of choice, ECONYL® nylon is 100% made from waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth.

I will be producing small batches so there is little or no waste and all of our products are lovingly made right here in the UK. UK made means so much to me as a brand, not only so we can keep our carbon footprint low, but also to support UK manufacturing and the incredible independent UK based teams that have gone above and beyond to make our design dreams come true. All the way from our garments to our swing tickets. We want you to wear your clothes all year round, and for all occasions and feel good about yourself.


We hope you love this collection as much as we do.

With love kate & Lola x

Mini-me gym wear