New decade new approach


tripple lolaGoing forward with the 2020 collection we will be operating as a Pre-Order service.

DESIGNERS This method is helpful for us as designers because pre-sale prevents waste and over-production as there is always going to be clothing left unsold.

THE ENVIROMENT Pre-ordering also reduces the waste and damage to the ecosystem caused by the fashion industry. Because, as mentioned before there won’t be overproduction. Besides, once orders are placed, we can calculate how much fabric and other supplies are going to be used, by having this information of quantities ordered, sizes, colours, etc. This way we will reduce waste at its minimum.

THE CUSTOMER Let’s not forget that pre-ordering also helps the costumers, because it not only guarantees your favourite styles don’t sell out, but it can save you money too. By pre-ordering, consumers are allowing brands to cut out financial waste in production costs. This allows the companies to offer better prices for customers and special offers without having to cut costs in other ways that are usually socially and environmentally unethical.

This is how it is going to work for us
Previews will be shown on social media boasting pieces that are ‘coming soon’ Once the collection goes live on our website then pre-order will be made available for purchase. Our customers can see a product, order it, and then within 4-6 weeks they’ll receive their item. Our customers will be kept up to date with the process and delivery date.

White JOLOWho doesn’t want to enjoy wearing a unique piece? It’s not going to be a mass produced piece of clothing, so you would rarely see it repeated!

As for our pop up shop events, we will have a very small amount of new stock from our 2020 collection for purchases made on the day at these events, or so customers can look and feel the product before they place their order.

We still have stock from previous collections available on our website at present.