If your looking for something creative to try over the weekend or even over the extended summer holiday’s with the kids! Why not try tie-dying an old white t-shirt, school shirt, dress you could even tie-dye a table cloth which would be a great idea for a picnic!

Lola and I decided to tie-dye a dress that I made (there’s a before and after photograph at the bottom of the page).

It’s one of the trendiest pieces of clothing of the season, and we can easily see why. This free spirit love-inspired look is easy to style with almost any outfit and is sure to brighten up any day! What’s better is that you can make them yourself. Using just a few items and a free afternoon, you can easily recreate some of the hottest looks from the runway to your home.


What you will need

  • Rubber gloves
  •  elastic string or hair elastics
  • A towel (use an old one) or plastic tablecloth
  • Bleach or dye
  • Plastic spray bottle or a squeeze bottle
  • T-shirt, dress, trousers or a skirt you would like to tie-dye.



  • Apply dye within 72 hours after mixing. (if left it will begin to lose concentration and colours will be weaker).
  • Do not add water to the dye until you are prepared to apply.
  • Make sure excess dye dust is removed from the work area (it’s invisible until it reacts with water).
  • Create new colours by blending dyes.
  • Place fabric on a raised wire rack while drying to avoid unwanted blending of colours.
  • Always use gloves, the dye will stain your hands and nails!
Some tie-dye options
Bullseye tie-dye
Stripe tie-dye
Folding tie-dye
Sunburst tie-dye
Heart tie-dye
Swirl tie-dye
Crumple tie-dye
Tie-dyingTie-dye dress fan  Lola & I decided to try the folding technique. A fun and fresh way to tie-dye the white tiered dress.

white dress 

Before and After
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