Our brand Lola Starr believe in children, exploring & developing their skills & imagination through colours, textures & patterns, this is a real creative brand for children to enjoy.

The ultimate personalisation: our unique detachable sleeves can be easily removed and interchanged for whatever colour, pattern or texture your little stars choose. The snap fastening at the top of the shoulder have our ‘Lola Starr’ logo on so that when that’s paired up the other snaps follow easily. Allowing your children to express their  individuality is a great quality and something we’re really passionate about. My dad always used to say to me “be different, don’t be like anyone else“.

On our brand new little tee’s comes an oversized bow detail that can be easily taken off and changed for a range of different coloured bows, to suit your little one’s outfit, how cool is that!

Our t-shirts are super soft as tested by Lola herself, “It’s so comfy I want to go to bed in it” and this being made of 95% organic cotton is why, soft fabrics against your children’s skin and everyone’s happy. We are using key colours from the rainbow and of course adding a little bit of sparkle.

Items of clothing that offer more than one way to wear are becoming more and more important as the desire for value (as in mulitiple-use, seasonless colours and sturdy materials) continue to drive kidswear. The new ‘tracksuit’ by Lola Starr keeps true to the brand with convertible features that can be zipped on and off in practical and gender-neutral transseasonal colours.

Boasting soft stretch cotton denim, cotton blends, organic cotton and a range of other fabrics that are soft on children’s skin. Soft frills, flounces, pleats and long sleeves in all colours, textures and designs, the looks are endless, taking your little stars through all four seasons and occasions.

Welcome to the ulitimate personalisation clothing range from Lola Starr

Sustainable Athleisure Collection

Welcome to our brand new range of sustainable athleisure wear, designed with functionally in mind.

The sports top is fully reversible, allowing for versatility, along with the matching leggings. These leggings have been carefully designed to work for you. With clever paneling and a high waist, this smooth fabric gives you the ultimate coverage and support. They also have deep pockets on either leg big enough to fit your phone, keys and card in, everyone loves a pocket, right? This range is also available in a Mini-me collection, if you love to twin with your little one!

Crafted in soft Italian sustainable fabric made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon, made from waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth, such as fishing nets.

They also have high UV protection – perfect for those outdoor summer workouts! And a whole load of other benefits.

The range comes in two colour combos; Grey and yellow, practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic. These colours are also the Pantone colours of the year. And Grey and pink, again rock solid and with a sign of hope, a positive colour inspiring warm and comforting feelings. You can wear these designs to lounge in, to work out, glam up in, to chill out in and to top all that you can even swim in them!

The Happy Tee Collection

We have collaborated with the talented LP Graphics on a range of creative t-shirts. Fun fashion as always from Lola Starr, using pops of bright colours on white and black tees and spreading positive up beat vibes. Our ultimate personalization tee has an oversized bow detail which can be easily detached and changed for a range of different coloured bows, to suit your little ones outfit, how cool is that?!

Our t-shirts are super soft as tested by Lola herself, “It’s so comfy I want to go to bed in it” and this being made of 95% organic cotton is why. These t-shirts are super soft against your children’s skin providing comfort and durability. We are using key colours from the rainbow and of course adding a little bit of sparkle.

Tracksuit Collection

Our unisex tracksuit was designed during lockdown and although I had the idea way before then, it was only in lockdown that I began to work on the concept. How Ironic that the ‘Tracksuit’ is designed for an action packed day, yet lockdown seen us slow right down, if not stop! Sleeves on, sleeves off, likewise with the joggers transforming into shorts.

Driven by colours that will last, khaki- is green, nature rich and is a transitional tone, with the warm earthy orange zip detailing, it is a perfect hint to autumn. While the blue brings a calmness to the collection, suggestive of the sky at dusk, again adding a strike of orange to the design. Grey marl is a timeless classic and an original colour of sportswear and is a valuable addition to any wardrobe. Sweet candy pink which is immediately associated the colour of all things feminine. With white zip detailing, this pantone evokes feelings of peace, compassion, love and kindness.

Ocean Collection

The ‘OCEAN COLLECTION’ is inspired by happiness and optimism which led us to use a colour palette of mint, aqua, sand and lemon. Introducing cool soft tones that are not only refreshing, but compliment the beautifully waved felt sleeves. We feel this palette has a link between the sea, plant life and nature, giving fresh, cool futuristic vibes as we enter a new decade.

'JOLO' Jacket

Our exciting new design is the ‘JOLO’ jacket. We have been eager to introduce this fabulous gender neural jacket, which is not only quirky and unique but also creative. This jacket gives children the chance to make individual fashion choices as it is accompanied by a choice of bold, interchangeable sleeves and hoods, featuring our five new pantone colours this season. We thought there was no better way to start 2020 with this contemporary apparel.

POP Collection

Our ‘POP COLLECTION’ was inspired by Pop Art, using bright, bold colours that children can mix and match together creating their own pieces of art through fashion, although there is no blue in this collection, we have replaced it with a teal pantone as this colour represents a balance of warm and cooler temperatures, in a moment where wellbeing and mindfulness are on the rise.

The Originals

‘THE ORIGINALS’ collection is timeless, the name ‘Originals’ came from the very first pieces we ever made at Lola Starr and these always looked fantastic together. We wanted to keep this collection and look but introduce new fabrics and with this new collection for SS19 we have scoured new denim, new white and a brand new horizontal stripe in a soft stretchy fabric, which is perfect for children.

Denim Collection

Denim has been around for decades and sees no sign of going anywhere, our comfortable dresses are versatile, with their interchangeable and detachable sleeves, also layering up for when the temperature drops, offering seasonal versatility, the dark denim in particular looks fantastic with tights and boots too for colder days.

Baby Cord Collection

Baby cord is a cool weather fabric which is great for children in Spring/Summer. Our baby cord range is 100% cotton. Baby cord is popular within children’s fashion and perfect for our SS19 range, Yellow and Lilac are a huge trend this year.